My 5gallon saltwater tank now has fish and inverts

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Good luck choosing the perfect tank for your Betta fish. I hope you decide to give him at least a 5-gallon tank, to ensure he has the best quality of life. No living creature should be stuck in a tiny tank for its whole life, especially not your awesome Betta Fish!
My 5gallon saltwater tank now has fish and inverts! I added a purple firefish, yellow watchman goby, 3 hermit crabs, and a snail.
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If you’re searching for the , these superior 5-gallon Betta fish tanks should be at the top of your list. While you can get a smaller tank, 5-gallon tanks offer many advantages, including and more room for your Betta to explore. Beginner 5gallon fish tank
Photo provided by FlickrI personally think a 5-gallon tank is pretty big for a betta fish - enough to even house a breeding pair
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While you can always buy a standard 5-gallon glass or plastic tank and , the best 5-gallon Betta fish tanks on this list all include built in pumps, lights and filtration.If you are new aquarist and want to keep freshwater fish, especially GloFish in your aquarium, I appreciate this clear plastic 5-gallon aquarium tank is the best choice for you.If your stocking options are minimal or you are only interested in the small size tank, you maybe minimize your fish species that can live healthily in your tank. I advise you begin with at least a minimum 5-gallon tank to compromise the health of your fish. This are the best 5-gallon aquarium tanks for you, each tank in this article has its own particular features and you can choose following your hobbies.Good for you for using a heater in your 5-gallon Betta tank! A lot of people don't realize they need warm water just like any other tropical fish. Hopefully many Betta owners will read your Hub and follow your advice. I'm sure he'll be very happy in his new home. Way better than a bowl!Since we were upgrading to the 5-gallon tank, I did not even consider a temporary solution such as the Betta Bowl Mini Heater made by Zoo Med. While companies may advertise they're safe, a heater in anything as small as a 1-gallon bowl is too dangerous for any fish, especially if you can't maintain a tropical temperature. I would not advise using these at all, unless you're willing to sacrifice your fish. just like any other tropical fish, and this is very difficult to accomplish in a tank under 5 gallons. There are nano filters and heaters available for tanks as small as 5-gallons, and these are smart addition to your setup. By making sure these needs are met your fish is going to be more resistant to disease, enjoy better quality of life and probably even live longer.A 5-gallon tank is perfect for your Betta fish. It is small enough for a desktop or tabletop, but large enough to provide adequate swimming room for Betta. In a perfect world every Betta keeper would house their fish in a tank 5 gallons or bigger!Thanks for all the info! Your dwarf crayfish care sheet recommends an 8-gallon tank. Two in a 5-gallon tank seems much tighter. Does it just depend on planting & personality?