is the product able to be cut down for a 5 1/2 gallon tank?

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Finally an aquarium divider you can trust! Fin Friends aquarium divider was designed to finally solve the problem of separating , sick fish, baby fish (Not for babies under 1") or just different species of fish all in the same tank without needing extra heaters or filtration. These dividers were designed with suction cups that attach on both the top and bottom of the tank that stop even aggressive fish from bullying their way through. We have tested this divider with 1inch fry for 2 months now without any escaping. The design features two side rails that attach to a plastic mesh with push pins, making it impossible for the mesh to come free. The side rails attach to the side of the tank with 2 suction cups on each side, and a top and bottom rail are added for extra support. After raising many fish ourselves, we needed a way to divide our fry without having to worry about the divider failing. We created this divider and know it works because we use it ourselves. This Divider will fit most 29 gallon and 55 gallon tanks. It will not fit tanks that are wider than 12.5 inches or shorter than 18.75 inches.
AQ2 Aquarium Fish Tank Divider System 12x18 Inch Black Fits Most 29 55 Gallon | Pet Supplies, Fish & Aquariums, Aquariums & Tanks | eBay!
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This aquarium divider from Fin Friends is perfect for larger tanks (anywhere between 30 to 55 gallons). The size is approximately 12.5in x 18.75in, which gives you an idea of whether or not it will be suitable for your tank. The divider features suction cups, which make it easier to keep it in place. There are also pins on the divider that keep the side rails together, ensuring security. This is a perfect solution for any fish keeper who has to keep different species of fish separated in a single tank. This item has over 30 five star reviews over on Amazon – check it out by using the buttons above. Penn Plax 29 or 55 Gallon Tank Divider Instantly converts one aquarium into two! *Separates baby fish or.
Photo provided by Flickrfish tank divider 55 gallon -
Photo provided by Flickrfish tank divider 55 gallon
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Again an Aqueon product, the fish tank is designed keeping pets health and safety as the utmost priority. Rectangular in shape, it has a divider on the top facade and is transparent on all sides. The fish tank is user-friendly and can even be gifted to children who loves fishes, in other words, is safe to use even with ordinary care and maintenance. Aqueon, being experienced in the industry offers tanks of different capacities with the same design ranging from 55 gallons to 210 gallons including 65 gallons, 120 gallons, 150 gallons and 180 gallons.