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Good luck! Fish keeping is a fun a rewarding hobby when done correctly, and choosing the right fish for your 55-gallon aquarium is the first step!
Column Aquarium – Blk – 30x18x24. 212232, 55 Gal. Aquarium – Blk – 48x13x20, 262398, 60 Gal. Frameless Cube Corner-Flo – 24x24x24. 262396, 60 Gal.
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This is another good 55 gallon fish tank stand from Aquatic Fundamentals. Quality aquarium furniture with moisture-resistant, powder-coat finish Sturdy aquarium stands feature metal-to-metal locking cam assembly. Quality aquarium furniture lets your aquarium get the attention it deserves. Unlike “lip-only” stands that support only at the corners, these solid-top models support every square inch of your aquarium. Dense fiberboard core construction and a moisture-resistant, black powder-coat finish. Looks great in any room to give your aquarium a clean finished look. Powder-coat Finish The finish on these stands is created using state-of-the-art powder-coating process, which ensures that the end product is extremely durable and moisture-resistant. Marineland® 75 Gallon Aquarium Majesty Ensemble.
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MARINELAND® 55 Gallon LED Hood Aquarium & Stand Ensemble | Showcase your aquarium with MARINELAND® 55 Gallon Aquarium/LED Hood/Stand Ensemble, which will be a perfect fit with your home's décor.Just a quick video to show what's going on in my bedroom aquarium which is somewhere between 40 and 55 gallons and is a corner tank. I have a red devil, a breeding pair of jewels, a kribensis, and 3I am setting up a 55 gallon corner tank and am preparing to purchase a filter. However, my experience has been limited to small aquariums with "hang-on-the-back" filters. This aquarium is very tall and will have angels with some java fern attached to driftwood. What type of filtration should I be considering?Sold by PetSmart, this hexagon aquarium is the perfect home for any larger species of fish that you may look after. At 55 gallons, there’s more than enough room in this tank to hold larger fish, or if you’re breeding you could add a and keep different species together in here. We’re huge fans of the design, and think that the hexagon shape is perfect for fish who like a bit of privacy. What many people don’t talk about is how important corners are for fish – they love hiding in them! If you fill this tank with decorations and plants, then they’ll be able to hide in any corner they want. Perfect for shy fish like Bettas!The Red Sea kits are premium systems specifically designed for Saltwater Reef aquariums. Technically it’s 250 Liters but that breaks down to just over a 55 gallon fish tank. Red sea’s all-new max c-series coral reef systems combine modern elegant design with fully featured reef-spec® lighting, filtration and circulation systems. The reef-spec® design supports the needs of the most delicate SPS corals without the necessity for additional equipment, making successful reef keeping easier than ever before.