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I have a 53 gallon glass tank with three young fancy goldfish!! Buggy is a black moor, Goldie is a fantail,and Lilly is the smallest baby raunchu . I would prefer a acrylic but I got my tank at the pet shop on a dollar per gallon sale and they didn’t have much left to choose from !!
55 Gal hexagon fish tank (acrylic) with black stand. Comes complete with filter (Aqua Clear 70) 200$
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The 5 gallon fish tank, Glofish offers, is very popular among the beginners. The tank is made up of clear plastic and acrylic as a primary material, both of which gives the fish tank a lighter weight and longer durability, hence perfect for any novice. Jump to Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit - Features: 5 gallon fish tank kit
Photo provided by Flickrfor kids, then the 5 gallon acrylic fish tank by GloFish may have the right tank for you.
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Like all aquatic pets, betta’s need lots of room to live a healthy life. The Fluval Chi 5 gallon fish tank just what your fish need to remain healthy. This is an acrylic tank and will require you place it on a surface with adequate support all across the bottom.
Talking about the design of this acrylic fish tank, we can simply say it is amazing. If you are looking for the most affordable 5 gallon aquarium, this is one of the best choices by far. Compared to other competitors, the Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium 5 gallon costs around 50$ dollars, while other competitor aquariums offering the same features cost over a 100$. You definitely get more bang for your buck with this one.
This 5 gallon acrylic fish tank comes with a seamless curved front, black base frame, clear cover, Tetra whisper internal filter that has a medium bio bag as well as bright white led lighting. These are just some of the features that comes with this Tetra aquarium. But does it make a great betta fish tank? Continue to read to find out!
It is one of the best acrylic fish tanks if you judge by the high ratings and multiple reviews. The cover is clear, so you can see through it. The unit can accommodate five gallons of water. It has a curved front, which looks more modernist. D not overlook the built-in Bio-Bag and Microfilter features either. They are directly responsible for the safety of your fish. When it comes to the LED lights, users will love the shades and effects created by those 15 units on top. Mix them with the right scenario and you will love the outcome.The lightweight design is probably the most impressive benefit of these tanks. The best acrylic fish tanks are easy to move around, so you will not really end up with a hernia if you want to change the decor and move the aquarium. The lightweight construction also gives you the opportunity to invest in a larger unit. Generally, an acrylic tank is about 40% to 50% lighter than a glass tank in exactly the same size. So, if you were considering a 30 gallon fish tank and you didn’t have acrylic-made aquariums in your mind, after knowing about them, you might want to consider some , which is obviously an upgrade, while still keeping the net weight of the aquarium roughly the same.SeaClear is a famous brand for its acrylic tanks that usually come in various size from 20 to over 50 gallons. SeaClear 20 gallon acrylic aquarium is made of clear acrylic with a durable construction and is a great choice for starters who love the clarity and beauty of acrylic fish tanks.