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My personal collections of tropical fish, for my 48 gallon planted Asian fish tank are:-
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48 gallon Bowfront aquarium fish tank complete set up $200
Marineland 48 gallon Bowfront Aquarium/fish tank complete set up $200all included tank, stand, glass top (one end the top is cracked/has tape on it/ holding it fine/more of a cosmetic thing/ top still works as it should, light, Aqueon 75 filter, good for up to a 75 gallon tank/so you have almost 2 times the amount of filtration, choice of decoration, fish nettank measures approximately 36" Long x 21" High x 12" Wide x 18" widest in the middle bowfor your convenience we except all CREDIT CARDSVISA MASTERCARD DISCOVER AMERICAN EXPRESS DEBIT PAYPALFOR MORE INFO The Fish Tank Guy [TL_HIDDEN]
Natural fish tank. 48 Gallon.
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he is one of the easiest ways to get started with a 75 gallon tank, since it includes both the tank itself and a stylish stand capable of supporting the weight of a 75 gallon tank. The black base offers multiple storage areas, making it as easy as possible to keep your supplies (like fish food, nets, chemicals, and cleaning materials) within access and out of sight. It is 48 inches in length, by 18 inches Width, by 21 inches high to provide plenty of room to watch your fish swim about. In addition to the tank and stand, you’ll also get a fitted hood with matching dual lights to ensure the length of your tank is properly illuminated at all times. Natural fish tank. 48 Gallon.
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It's a 48 Gallon saltwater fish tank that included 1 Blue Tank, 1 Yellow Tank, 1 Niger trigger, 2 CrownFish, 1 Box fish, 1 Coral Beauty Angelfish, 1 Vermiculated Angelfish and 40 LB of Live rock ^^ The tank also included 2 Eheim 2217 canister filter and Instance ocean protein skimmer.he Deep Blue Professional ADB18090 90-Gallon Reef Ready Aquarium Tank measures 48 inches in length, by 18 inches wide, by 24 inches high and is made with all glass construction. It’s a rectangular profile that’s reef ready and pre-drilled with all necessary plumbing included. This is a great tank for saltwater, but can work equally well for freshwater fish.he Top Fin 75 gallon hooded aquarium features a long, narrow profile that helps fill up a long viewing area. It looks great up against a wall, and at 48.5 inches in length, by 18.5 inches wide, by 21.125 inches high, it allows your fish plenty of room to pick up speed as they dash from one end of the tank to the other.The height of the tank also plays a role in what type of fish you can keep. Higher tanks “usually” have smaller footprints. Aquariums advertised as “tall” would have less footprint space but hold the same volume of water. An example is the standard 110-gallon tank that is 60 x 18 x 23 inches (L x W x H). It will hold the same volume of water as the 110 Extra High, which measures 48 x 18 x 30 inches.The 48 gallon tank is a normal rectangular glass tank with glass hood and lighting set up. The lighting is a Aqua one twin 30 watt bulbs. The fish tank is set up with a Fluval 4plus filter, with JBL Aqua Basis Plus, and DIY CO2 system. Ferts are Flourish Excel. I'm in the process of getting more ferts.Many tropical fish keepers select a fish tank based on the available space they have in their home or apartment. Let’s say you have an empty six-foot space in the corner of your living room. You begin shopping and see a beautiful home aquarium that is advertised as a 92 Gallon corner tank (48 x 34 x 24). This tank will fill the empty spot where nothing else really fits. Another example is you have a narrow three-foot space where a 37-gallon column tank will fit nicely (20 x 18 x 24).