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My 46 gallon bowfront tank is currently establishing its biofilter with a fish-in cycle. I currently have 5 sunburst platys, 2 Dalmatian mollies and 3 black sailfin mollies, which the said would be perfect for the first cycle, and they appear to be happy and healthy.
A video of my goldfish in their 46 gallon bowfront tank by National Geographic
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So, In this huge tank I have 10 fish plus a pleco. I MOVED ALL of the gravel over from the old 20 gallon tank, along with the decorations and plants and DID NOT clean them. I added new gravel along with it to this new 46 gallon tank as I didn't have enough old from the smaller 20 gal. tank. My 46 Gallon Bow Front Tropical Fish Tank - YouTube
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Photo provided by FlickrI wanted to get some opinions on fish compatibility for my 46 gallon bow front tank
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This Is My 46 Gallon Aquarium. I Had It Set Up With Community Fish But The Store Sold Me Fish With ICH And All My Fish Died. So I Cleaned The Tank, Bought All New Rock, Tubing, New Twin Penguin 200 Filters, Aqueon Pro Heater, 2 Three Inch Bubble Pads, Digital Temperature Monitor, Aqua Dual Output Pump, With Oak Matching Stand. Im Doing This New Setup With African Cichlids. Thank You For Watching !!!A video of my goldfish in their 46 gallon bowfront tank by National Geographic. Yes, I know that the tank is overstocked. I make up for that by doing large water changes. The red and white orange that likes to bottom sit is named Finston, and I am not sure why he does this, but he has done it since I first got him.

If you have any questions or things to say about my goldfish, or any advice to give, please feel free to leave a comment. I am just a beginner, so any help would be greatly appreciated.This is my 46 gallon Bow Front Community Greek/Roman Tank.

I've had this tank for about three weeks had a bad ammonia spike as a result of dropping a whole container of pellets into it while feeding. :X As a result, I lost a black molly and turquoise rainbow fish but things have really settled in and they look happy as ever.

The fish include:

2 x Boesmani Rainbow fish
3 x Assorted Guppy
3 x Yoyo Loaches
1 x Angelfish
1 x Praecox Rainbowfish
2 x Parrot fish
1 x Cremecicle Lyretail Molly
1 x Rosy Barb
1 x High Fin Tetra

Marineland Double Bright LED (AWESOME)
Aqeuon 300 Watt Heater
Marineland 350B Penguin BioWheelThis 46 gallon fish tank is both traditional and not so traditional in subtle ways. It’s your typical tabletop, rectangular fish tank. However, it has a designed bow in the front of the glass to enhance the view of the fish inside. The glass is also strong acrylic, which is nearly 20 times stronger than regular glass. It works for freshwater fish and saltwater fish and cleverly disguises the filter mechanisms with a soothing blue back wall.The important part, however, is what you need to remember before buying because it’s not just about capacity size and stopping there. This fish tank is going to be home for an entire community of fish. They’re going to want it to be just as happy and healthy as you want your home. So you’re going to want to make sure the tank you’re using is compatible with your fish, whether they be saltwater fish or freshwater fish (either marine fish or tropical fish). You’ll also want to keep an eye on the filter specs as a filter too powerful or too weak could spell disaster to for a fish. Below are four options for a 45 gallon fish tank, and a few 46 gallon fish tank options as well, to help you make your decision easier.This is a great place to start to get a taste of what 45 gallon aquariums and 46 gallon fish tanks have to offer you. There are traditional tabletop designs, some of those 45 gallon fish tank for sale with modern flare, and there are free standing décor tanks as well. While some of these 45 gallon aquarium for sale work great for beginners, none of them include additional accessories so do your research on what you’ll need before you purchase a tank.