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40 gallon tank::::::CHEAP:::::::::Cant wait to upgrade when my fish grow big
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providing everything needed to get set with a 40 gallon aquarium. Well reviewed and loved by tank owners this 40 gal tank hits the spot being made from acrylic rather than glass it is light weight, provides a clear and bright view than the standard material. Being manufactured by a supplier renowned for quality SeaClear deliver beautiful tank supplied with a complete setup include a power filter, tank hood, a selection of plastic plants, fish net, food and water condition backed by a limited lifetime guarantee.Available in three colors, clear, black and cobalt blue you can choose a tank that suites your décor. Whilst created as an entrée level kit this can easily be amended in future to suit reef or marine applications through drilling to fit a stump although as it stands this tank is ideal for fresh and salt water applications. All you need to add to get going is gravel and some fish!This tank stands at 36” Long x 15” Wide x 16” High and being molded acrylic no support bars or black sealant to obscure aquatic views. As described in our Acrylic has no tint thus improving viewing clarity, reduces weight and is stronger making ideal around children and other pets.Overall this offers great value for money for those looking to get started with a medium to large sized aquarium from a reputable manufacturer.
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Marineland are renowned for their high quality products and this 37 gallon fish tank & stand is no exception backed by a 1 year warranty although some acrylic and even glass tanks such as the Great Choice 40 gallon aquarium offer a lifetime warranty. This is a very good tank though that is great value for money and comes with a nice set of inclusions. MyAquarium recommends this to be perfect for the beginner or home aquarium owner due to the value on offer, beginner friendly nature and included stand which would suit the home or office. For further details, specification and our review . Fluval 40 Gallon Fish Tank - ROBLOX
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Anybody who has taken a look around our website knows that we’re big fans of SeaClear products, and this 40 gallon fish tank is no exception. It’s a starter aquarium kit, which means it comes with a whole bunch of goodies to help you get started on your fishy adventure. Here’s the main features of this 40 gallon beauty:This is a 40 gallon System II aquarium, which is not only a fish tank with an awesome name, it’s also an awesome tank full stop! It comes with a variety of features that make it simple to instantly create the perfect environment for your fishy friend. Here are the important features:Planted Fish Tank 40 gallon Long Aquarium big thanks to everyone for the support on the things me and mrmom are doing. showed my deformed rainbow who is almost three. really loving the planted aquarium hobby. well loving the fish tank hobby in general. like always more videos to come planted aquarium planted fish tank planted aquarium with rainbows

This 40 gallon fish tank is from a company called Perfecto, which despite their name, don’t seem to be that perfect. The tank isn’t very well reviewed on Amazon, so I definitely wouldn’t recommend that you buy it unless you’re familiar with the products that Perfecto supply and know for certain that they are quality. Here are the main features of this tank:Another UniQuarium, which for the uninitiated means a fish tank that comes with a filter built in. Clear For Life are the specialists in UniQuariums, and this 40 gallon tank is no exception to their high standard of quality. Aside from the built in filter, here are the other features:well i just recorded this and decided to uplode

set up
40 gallon
stone caves
log brother got at home depot it floats
2 slider turtles (murderers)
2 electric yellow chichlids rest in peace
2 balla sharks rest in peace
2 green terrors
6 goldfish i belive
yoyo loach
not sure on my spelling my brother built this set up bought the parts
we had the turtles in a bowl
and out of nowere my little sister bought gold fish
so then my bro just got a tank and now we got a swamp in our room hope you enjoy