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this is my new 3ft marine aquarium...just 2 week load a fish and live rock..not load coral yet...
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my 3ft 45 gallon community aquarium
Stock list
a breeding pair on angles
blue angle
black angle
clown loach
reticular loach
2x discus
4x glass catfish
rainbow shark
2 bristle-nose catfish (breeding pair
2x gold fish soon to be in a pond
opline gourami
My new 3ft Aquarium consisting of:- Discus- Corydoras- Harlequin Rasboras- L246 Catfish
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This is my 3ft Aquarium containing 2 Black Moor goldfish....Fudge...& ....Brian!

Looking for some feedback on my Aquarium to see what people think.

Is it good? could it use improvements? anything you think i should change?

All constructive criticism welcome, but remember, were all friends here so no need to be rude :)

I'm running the all pond solutions external filter shown in the video, i do a water change every weekend of around 20% and a 50% water change around once a month treated with aqua plus water conditioner and aqua plus filter aid.

I will not be adding any more fish to this aquarium as i think 2 Goldfish are more than enough and messy enough and more would = to much ammonia.

Hope you like :) Relaxing Aquariumthis is my 3ft hallway fishtank at past 2 years old. Kinda overplanted. lol.
Photo provided by FlickrFemale blue turq laying eggs and male cobalt fertilizing them in a 3ft planted aquarium.
Photo provided by FlickrMarine (Salt water) Aquarium Sevice - Marine (saltwater) Aquarium service for Lge 90cm long (3ft x 2ft x 2ft) Aquarium
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