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Planted aquarium with 3d Rock and Root background. Great setup idea for larger fish tank.
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Get a perfect aquarium background according to your personality. Planted aquarium background is very sober and fresh by the look. 3D aquarium background goes best to the kids projects. Moving aquarium background is absolutely perfect for marine web pages which are absolutely fresh in fashion trends. Fish tank aquarium background is very much colourful and suits best as desktop wallpaper.
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This of course is the simplest option. All you need to do is go to your nearest pet store or search online where you will be able to find suitable tank backgrounds. You can easily find a beautiful fish tank background both flat or 3D one online. Large fish tank - side view of 3d rock background
Photo provided by Flickrdiy 3d aquarium background | Fish Tank of February '09 at The Age of Aquariums - Tropical Fish
Photo provided by Flickrdiy 3d aquarium background | Fish Tank of February '09 at The Age of Aquariums - Tropical Fish
Photo provided by Flickr
Aqua Maniac supplies unique aquarium decoration including 3D aquarium backgrounds for fish tank, vivarium backgrounds, aquarium decorar, aquarium rocks, aquarium ornaments and other aquatic supplies.In this instructable, I will be showing you how to make a 3D interactive background that has caves, and a underwater sand fall. It's quite easy to make, and is very cheap. It takes time, But the end product looks amazing and your family and friends will be left in amazement. Another great thing about this project is the price. The background only costs about $30-45. Depending on where you get the stuff. This is my second aquarium so I wanted to do something different then the average tank. The good thing about these backgrounds are, they are each unique, and they are cheaper then a medium sized ornament at the LFS.(local fish store)Download 3D fish screensaver with tropical fish swimming in freshwater and marine tanks, then customize 3D animated aquarium backgrounds with sound and now you have transformed your computer screen or widescreen TV into one of the most realistic virtual fish tank screensavers. Free downloads are available for Windows 7/8/Vista/XP.You can find rolls of fish tank backgrounds at nearly any fish store, but they lack sorely for realism and look like what they are—flat and static photographs. You can make a 3D background that will add a significant amount of realism and texture to your fish tank with little expense and only about an hour of work. My total cost for the project was $10 for a box of slate tile from the clearance bin and $3 for some silicone.Hi guys,
Just a quick video of my Malawi Cichlid set up now with a new 3D BACKGROUND.

I bought the background from ---Check them out!!!

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fish aquarium tank bay water malawi cichlid 3D BACKGROUND MBUNA how to goldfish aquatic nature ROCK aquascape aquascaping stunning AQUA MANIAC area feeding rift lake African awesome amazing cool peaceful lighting filters fluval sunsun 1400 "3D BACKGROUND" reef green blue tropical marine pond shark coral "bay area" "fish tank" bigIn this video our customer shows his installation of 3D grey rock background. The aquarium background has been supplied in one piece 212x76cm. If you wish to get the same fish tank background visit