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I Have A 36 Gallon Fish Tank With 10 Cichlids
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Back in the day (as a child) I was very into fishkeeping, started with a 10 gallon and then finished with a 20 gallon. Then I left for college, and my mother made me give away my fish tank because she did not want to care for it. Well, four years later, I am back at home with an accounting degree and plan on setting up a 36 gallon bow front aquarium!
I am in the process of stocking my 36 gallon bowfront and would like some advice from the fish experts here at plantedtank
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Here is a look at my Aqueon 36 gallon bowfront tank. I've had it for roughly 2 weeks. So far, I have 8 fish and 2 snails; gold gourami, dalmation mollie, red mickey mouse platy, fancy guppy, red gold tuxedo guppy, tequila sunrise guppie, blue tuxedo guppy, lyretail guppy, blue mystery snail, and a gold mystery snail.

Sorry about any dirty markings on the glass. My cats love the tank too!

As for my gear, I have the following:

Standard Aqueon water filter (included with the tank)
Boyu S-4000B 4 outlet air pump with two air stones
Standard Aqueon 200W heater (included with tank)
Cheap digital thermometer
Standard LED lighting (included with tank)

I will keep you posted as my tank expands!

This video was filmed using a Samsung ST65 digital camera. No zoom was used.

R.I.P. Carrot Top, the orange guppy. I have a 36 gallon fish tank with 10 cichlids
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As you can probably guess I'm new to this whole saltwater aquarium thing, I haven't even decided if I'm going to turn my tank into a saltwater aquarium or not. Long story short, I'm here to explore my options. At the moment I have two aquariums in my possession: a 10 U.S gallon standard long aquarium - that I don't plan to use for a saltwater aquarium (it will likely be converted into a terrarium) but it could potentially be used as a sump tank - and a 36 U.S gallon bow-front tank that I would like to use for a reef tank (but I'm open to a fish-only tank too).I've pretty much narrowed it down to either a 29 gallon or a 36 gallon bow front. I don't want a huge tank, but I want something bigger than my other tanks. I love betta fish, so I've decided to make it a heavily planted betta sorority community. I'd like for it to be slightly understocked instead of overstocked. Here's my idea for stocking:I've done some reading on saltwater fish but since there are so many available species I'd like to know what you would suggest for my first saltwater, 36 gallon, tank? Here are a few other fish that appeal / don't appeal to me, if that will help at all, though I am open to all suggestionsOver the holidays i acquired a 36 gallon bow front. We had it set up with over 30 pounds of live rock. the tank has a sump with plants sand and some rubble. we have a protein skimmer and two heaters running. My family constructed a list of fish that they liked. We shrunk it down and talked to some experienced friends. they said the set up was pushing it but would probably be fine. here it is.