Insten 300w Adjustable Aquarium Fish Tank Water Heater 110-120v

A full-sized 300 gallon fish tank to grow up to 60 full-sized, edible fish per year!
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Hi Craigslisters, I’m offering a 330 Gallon Starphire Aquarium. The tank is a 300 gallon and coming with a 30 gallon bio filtration sump tank. This set up is fresh water. There are 12 fish, 3 Red Devils, 3 Midas, two severums (1 green n 1 gold), 1 sail fin pleco, 1 common pleco, and two silver dollars. My loaches hide too well, there were 3. Also has two 4′ led lights, heaters, fluval FX5 canister filter, hang off the back bio wheel filter, two power heads with filters….and much more!!!! $3500 OBO
300/600L/H Aquarium Internal Water Filter Fish Tank Submersible Pump Spray Bar
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This is what we would describe as a classic, ‘no frills’ 300 gallon fish tank. It’s clear, which means you’ll be able to see every inch of the tank once it’s full. Here is a quick rundown of the main features of this awesome aquarium: How to make 300 beautiful and big endless guppy fish in your aquarium tank in 3 months 2017
Photo provided by Flickr80GPH 300L/H Mini Submersible Water Pump Powerhead Fountain Fish Tank Aquarium #Unbranded
Photo provided by FlickrSUNSUN 300L/H Aquarium Fish Tank Plastic Internal Submersible Water Filter Pump
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Bid History for 300 Gallon Fish Tank
Auction Start Date: 06/08/15 8:32 AM ET
Auction End Date: 06/16/15 11:32 AM ET
Asset ID: 717 Number of Bids: 1 My acrylic 300 gallon freshwater tank. Tank dimenision 96" X 24" X 30".
24" Silver Arowana
15" Black Pacu
6" Red Bellied Pacu
Red Devil
Silver Dollars
Spotted Gar
Alligator Gar
Bitcher Fish
Red Texas
Jack Dempseys
Yellow Black
Up Side Down Cat
Green Terror
Raf Cats
Others See Video

Im useing a fluval fx5 and wet dry filter for the tank. The lights are two 48" coralife aqualights. I use pool sand for the substrate. Natural driftwood. Also in the video is my 55 gallon turle tank. One red eared slider, One yellow africa and one full aquatic soft shell turtleThis is the 300 gallon Clear For Life fish tank, which is essentially the same as the first tank that we included in the list, except it’s black. Many fish keepers would prefer to have the black background as it allows any of the decorations they’ve included in the tank to stand out better, but it really comes down to personal preference (also what your fish likes!). Here is why we love this monster sized aquarium:This is the same Clear For Life fish tank as previously included, except this is my favorite color – Sapphire Blue! If you haven’t guessed it already, we’re big fans of these 300 gallon fish tanks from Clear For Life, so check them out!
So there is our list of 300 gallon aquariums and fish tanks, hopefully you’ve found something here that will suit your needs. Our two pet bass, Bonnie and Clyde, got an upgrade as we went from a 55 gallon tank to a 300 gallon aquarium. Our new custom aquarium took 13 weeks to build and we go over the advanced filtration system, substrate, lighting, and live plants we will be adding. Comment below what you would like to see in this massive aquarium.

Our Aquarium:
Size - 300 Gallon - 96x30x24 inches
Lighting - 3 Kessil 90W Tuna Sun
Substrate - Eco Complete
Heaters - 3 500W Finnex
Python Hose -
Portable GFCI -
Chlorine Remover -

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Shop for your fishing products at This is a 300 Gallon Cichlid Tank set up in the house of one of our employees!
It is a Mixed Cichlid Tank with a sump and a wet/dry filter and a canister filter.
Here is a list of Fish in the 8-2-2 foot tank
Blue Acara, Geophagus, Fire Mouth, Jewel, South American, Kribensis, Wild Ram, Salvini, Brichardi, Rainbow Shark, Polypterus, Knife Fish, Green Puffer, Peacock, Red Terror, Butterfly, Zebra, Plecostomus