Stocking a 30 gallon saltwater aquarium - The Reef Tank

This is my second reef aquarium the 30 gallon Nuvo tank by Innovative Marine
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This is my first video showing off my 8 month old 30 gal tall reef aquarium.. It's been drilled with 3/4 inch bulk heads attached and a 1/2 inch return like with a little more than 300 gph flow. Im using a 150 watt metal halide 14 set up ran 7 hours per day. Also recently added a vortech have any questions let me know, Enjoy!

Soft corals:
Kenya tree
Devil's hand leather
Waving hand anthilia
Red mushroom
Green star polyp

Purple Magicians
Eagle eye
Yellow palys
Reverse Rastas

Red acan
Purple acan
Hulk green acan
White tipped torch
Green branching hammer
Ultra Neon plate coral
Lemon drop favia
Neon green Duncan

orange montipora capricornis
Sour apple birds best

White bubble tipped anemome
Blue stripped tuxedo urchin
Fire shrimp

2 percula clowns
Blue/green chromis

Clean up crew:
2 turbo snails
3 hermit crabs
1 blue legged hermit crab
30 gallon reef aquarium
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tanks are simple to set up and have the ability to make a beautiful piece of the reef in your home. The Lagoon tanks boast ultra-clear glass, black silicone, and diamond polished edges for an elegant and sophisticated look. What's Included? 50 gallon Fusion Lagoon Aquarium Tank Dimensions: 30” x 24”… This is my first video showing off my 8 month old 30 gal tall reef aquarium.
Photo provided by FlickrI have a 30 gallon i'd like to set up from scratch and turn it into a reef aquarium one day
Photo provided by FlickrHello Everyone, I currently own a 30 gallon reef aquarium
Photo provided by Flickr
This is my second reef aquarium the 30 gallon Nuvo tank by Innovative Marine. I have had it for 1 month and 2 weeks and was originally started on December 26, 2011. I can't say enough about how awesome this tank is! Well done Innovative Marine! Also I have the Spin-stream Nozzle and Skkye Light Reef LEDS. I also have a Nano Zapp UV Sterilizer connected to the original pump.Keep in mind gsp and xenia will grow extremely fast and you will have to manage their spread or they'll creep all over everything. I had a tiny hitchiking gsp on shell that came with some live rock and it now covers literally 1/4 of the rock in my tank. It actually grew under the xenia(how I don't know) and the xenia is stuck to the gsp now. I actually find xenia to be extremely pretty and entertaining to watch, but it goes everywhere. If you put one piece of xenia in your aquarium and nothing else, in 3 years you'd probably have xenia covering every square inch of the aquarium. I am opposed to spot feeding because I am rather lazy (not the best quality in a reefkeeper, I know). Preferably, the only things I'd like to do concerning my tank are feeding (flake and occasionally mysis), glass cleaning, topping off, and water changes. I am aware that the damsel and clowns might eventually fight in a 30 gallon. When I first had my tank with the damsel and the female clown, they would fight a little. That only lasted about a week and never seemed to get out of control. The damsel would dart at the clown but the clown would just hold it's ground. They have all gotten along for a few months now with no problems. But should a problem arise, I will just move the damsel. I am also aware of how pest-like Xenia can be (I have sprouts on two other rocks), but am not too bothered by them (unlike Aiptasia). I did admire how the frogspawn and branching hammers looked at the LFS. Also, I do like Zoa's for their color. Seems like I'll pretty much be going with your suggestions. As for the snails, I'm not too worried about the glass because I get in there with a razor blade about once a week, but would a handful of Trochus snails do the job? Also, how long did it take for your GSP to cover that much of your tank? Thanks.Oceanic 30 Gallon Cube - Saltwater Reef Aquarium

Here is the tank in my office. Only been set up about a week now. Plans are to turn it into a frag tank eventually.Current Tank Info: 30 Gallon All-Glass-Aquarium, Current USA Orbit 36" 2x96W with MoonLights. LifeReef Overflow into a Custom Compact Berlin Sump w/ VS2-24 Skimmer