40 Gallon Aquarium: 36 x 13 x 20 (High)

20 High 'Tetra' Aquarium Photos
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Designed to perfectly fit 15, 20 high, 25, 30 x-high Aqueon aquariums. Provides excellent lighting and greatly reduces water evaporation. Full length door, rear cut out sections for installation of accessories. Instant start.
Aquarium Size: 20 gallons (High)
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This Seapora Standard Aquarium is a 20 gallon extra-high model that has been made with the highest quality materials available. It includes a top and bottom injection molded frame for maximum support, diamond polished edges, and black silicone. 20" x 10" x 24" Aquarium Size: 20 gallons (High)
Photo provided by Flickr20 Gallon High Aquarium - Dimensions/Size: 24"x12"x16"; Weight: 23.1 lbs
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This is my tutorial on how to setup an aquarium. This video is meant for beginner fish keepers. This is also a video showing my new 20 gallon tank.

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