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20-gallon (76 litre) tanks

Tanks this size are ideal starting points for anyone entering the hobby. In the United States 20-gallon tanks are available in “tall” and “long” varieties. The tall tanks measure roughly 24 inches in length and 17 inches in depth; the long tanks are 30 inches in length and 13 inches in depth. All else being equal, the long tank is better. Long tanks offer more swimming space and have a greater surface area to volume ratio, meaning oxygen diffuses into the tank at a faster rate. You can keep more fish, more happily, in a long tank than a tall tank.
Do tall 20-gallon tanks have any advantages? Not many. They are perhaps a bit easier to decorate with tall plants and rocks, and having a smaller footprint they take up less space on a tabletop or shelf. Greater depth does work better with certain small but tall fish, in particular domesticated angelfish. But beyond that, these tanks are far inferior to long tanks for general fishkeeping and are best avoided by less experienced hobbyists.

Species useful in 10-gallon tanks will do even better in a 20-gallon tank. In the case of things like small tetras, you can keep larger groups. If you have a nicely planted aquarium, consider keeping two dozen neons for example. Otherwise some of the additional species you can sensibly keep in a 20-gallon tank include the following:
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Here is a quick video of my 20 gallon tall planted aquarium.

1. Betta
2. Celestial Pearl Danios
3. Ottos
4. Flying Fix
5. Serpae Tetra
6. Tiger Endler
7. Amano Shrimp
8. Nerite Snails

The tank has a diy co2 system and gets daily doses of micro and macro ferts on alternating days. 20 Gallon Tall Stocking | My Aquarium Club
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My first post. I have a 20 gallon tall tank it is approx. 24" wide x 12" deep x 16" tall and I'm looking to place 2 either 10 watt or 20 watt LED flood lights for a freshwater aquarium that I will be growing plants in using the Diana Walstad method so no chemicals, no Co2 etc... and looking to have Med-High lighting and may little high where moss at very bottom of tank can flourish as well. I plan on putting plants in my tank that is recommended in her book which I can't recall the names now with about 10 fish ranging from Sunset Gourami, 3 ghost fish, 1 pleco, 1 goldfish and about 5 others that I can remember the name now.The blue light is fun as it will provide great lighting effects for enjoyment while allowing your fish to prepare for rest by mimicking the moon. We recommend turning this on 30 minutes before you turn the aquarium light off. The hood is made up of a clear plastic canopy. The dimensions (24” W by 13”D by 25”H) of this exceptional 20 gallon tall aquarium are designed to provide the most wonderful experience for its owner. One issue is that it does not come with a filter while most other aquariums do. Other parts of Marineland Biowheel are LED light hood. Hood is the cover on top of an aquarium. This 20 gallon aquarium hood is capable to prevent anything goes inside aquarium from the top. The key capability is easy to open for cleaning and feeding. You do not need to remove hood completely. LED light is installed safely in this aquarium. You do not have to worry about the electrical issue. The aquarium can get light in three modes. Lighting also adjusts with a natural condition, particularly during the day. In evening, you can change lighting into more subtle to illuminate the aquarium. Well, LED is more efficient than a regular bulb.