Imagtiarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand, 20 Gallons.

20 Gallon Hexagon Fish Tank Aquarium with Stand Pick Up Only Amherst Ohio.
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This 20 Gal. of fish tank of 12.5 x 24.2 x 19.5 inches from Aqueon, has all the essential equipment included that a starter might need to set up an aquarium. Though gravel, décor, stand and obviously fish do not come with this kit, you can have all the required things other than these at an affordable price.
20 gallon tank with Marineland LED fixture, Eheim 2126 thermo filter (titanium), stand, gravel fish and more
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This stand has wire management slits that run down the back which will help you to control the cords and keep everything neat and tidy. It’s also very easy to clean with a cloth because of the finish. The stand is strong enough in case anything knocks or bumps into it, which is great if you have pets or kids. It will appear top heavy however due to the small end supporting the bigger end when using it for a 20 gallon fish tank. 20 gallon fish tank with stand. Both in great condition. Comes with all accesories in tank. Includes brand new freshwater master test kit.
Photo provided by FlickrAquatic Fundamentals 10/20 Gallon Aquarium Stand with Shelf | Petco
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Beginners are usually recommended to get starting with the best 20 gallon fish tank or aquarium kit with filter and LED lighting. With this tank size, the water quality doesn’t change too fast to poison the fish making it an ideal choice for starters, who don’t have much experience in solving aquarium problems. 20 gallon aquariums are available in various shapes and materials for you to choose. It can be a standard (high) or long, rectangle or half-moon shaped, and glass or acrylic tank.Nice, sturdy piece for our new 20 gallon fish tank. Has taken being bumped into by 2 young kids and 2 big dogs without issue. Easy to assemble. We had been looking for a stand for almost 5 months and were happy to find this one!This laminated stand is included for its impressive two-in-one design for 20 gallon and 10 gallon fish tanks, only one at a time however. Its measurements are 15.7 (D) x 25 (W) x 28 (H) inches and its weight is about 42 lbs. It’s reversible design supports either a 20 gallon aquarium or a 10 gallon aquarium with a quick flip of the structure. It is sold in “midnight onyx” which is a matte black and makes it a cinch to clean. It is fabricated from laminated MDF, which is environmentally friendly, but still manages to give the polish of real wood. It is also very functional due to the cabinet and openings that provide space for both storage and decorations. The extra space can be utilized to store and conceal aquarium equipment and supplies, while the holes give a decorative element to enhance any rooms’ style.