What is a reasonable selling price for a 175 gallon fish tank?

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At the bottom of the spectrum there is the for up to 45 gallons of water in your fish tank. The medium option is the for up to 75 gallons. The large option is the for up to 175 gallons. And finally, the largest option is the that can handle a whopping 265 gallons.
175 gallon fish tank
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Rena XP3 canister filter good for upto a 175 gallon fish tank aquarium $150Used/like new looking, has new hoses, new media, currently up and running so you can see it working flawlessly I HAVE A NEW & USED FISH TANK RETAIL LOCATION, STORE HOURS 10AM-6PM MONDAY-SATURDAY, SUNDAY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, WE DO STEP OUT OCCASIONALLY, SO PLEASE CALL B4 COMING TO RECONFIRM WE ARE AVAILABLE. For your convenience we also accept Visa Mastercard Discover Debit 3049 N. 5TH STREET PHILADELPHIA,PA. [TL_HIDDEN] 8730 The Fish Tank Guy :) 175 gallon fish tank , , ,
Photo provided by FlickrThis tank is about 175 Gallons. I saw it at a Fish Store.
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I'm seeking ideas for a feature fish for my 175 gallon (180cmx60cmx60cm) planted tank. It used to hold my asian arowana but she passed on. I'm likely to have to move house in the next few years so I'm postponing getting another of those beauties till I can set up a new and hopefully bigger planted tank for it in my new home.