Transport a 150 gallon fish tank with a stand and top canopy

150 Gallon Aquarium Salt Water Fish Tank Reef Ready with Stand Canopy | eBay.
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How hard would it be to re-seal a tank that size? I am not the most graceful person. I use knives all day at work (I cut meat) and don't cut myself, but glass is another thing!!LOL From what I understand, the tank is set-up right now, the guy is selling it because he is on disability and needs the money. He already got rid of the fish in it. He had three giant oscars in it. I bought a 20 gallon complete set-up at a yardsale over the summer and I put is on my back patio and filled it and let it sit for three days before I was satisfied enough to use it. LOL That is not so easy with a 150!!LOL Thank you for the info!!
Beautiful 150 Gallon Fish Tank Aquarium with Pine Stand perfect for your home or office!
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I went from a 55g to a 180 I bought used off craigslist with a stand and canopy. Then got a 40 breader from petco for $1 per gallon sale and use it as the sump. Best decission I made. Lighting it has been easy. I first went with some reefbrite strips and if you go fishonly 2 48" strips will do just fine. If you want softies then 2 48" strips and 1 60-72" strip would do. I just had to replace them as some LED's were burning out and got 3 ocean revive S026 fixtures and lights up the entire tank. So lighting the 180 really isn't that bad. The rest of everything else really hasn't cost that much more. A skimmer for a 150 will be about the same skimmer that can handle a 180. Water changes wouldn't be that much more either. I really don't find a 180 to cost that much more to maintain really then even my 55g. I don't even find a 180 tank that big anymore. IF it was up to me I'd upgrade even bigger but, well, you know the wife thing and all and needing to "fit" in our space... 150 Gallon fish tank with stand, canopy and 2-2217 Eiheim Canister Filters
Photo provided by FlickrIm looking to buy a new fish tank with stand of 150 plus gal.
Photo provided by FlickrBuy 150 gallon fish tank with stand - Free Shipping, In Stock.‎
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