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15 gallon long planted aquarium with orange platy fish.
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Shrimps tend to be quite hardy in some respects, being adaptable to a range of temperatures and water chemistry conditions. Some shrimps come from subtropical and warm temperate parts of the world such as Japan and eastern China, and as such can be kept in unheated aquaria provided your home doesn’t get too cold. Cherry shrimps for example will be quite happy with wintertime temperatures as low as 15 degrees C (59 degrees F). Most shrimps prefer neutral to alkaline conditions, and in general you should avoid keeping them in conditions where the pH drops below 6.5. What all shrimps do demand is good water quality, so filtration is essential. Alongside this it is important to remember shrimps, and indeed invertebrates generally, are killed by copper-based medications such as those used to treat whitespot (ick).

Very small tanks tend to lack strong lighting, but you’ll be surprised how well things like Anubias, Java fern and Java moss will do, even at light intensity levels as low as 1 watt per gallon. Java moss in particular works great with shrimps, giving newly hatched shrimps a place to hide for the first few days when they are at their most vulnerable.
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After a few months of research and gathering parts and supplies, on 10/4/2007 I started up a 15 gallon freshwater planted aquarium. In the months since then I've been amazed at how much I'm enjoying this tank. There's hardly any maintenance involved, and I'm continually surprised by just how easy it is to be successful with it. More than that, I'm genuinely excited by the possibilities of what you can do with this sort of tank, and that's an excitement I haven't felt about reef aquariums for a long time now. These tanks are about as far from the fruitstand style of most reef aquascapes as you can get. My 15 gallon Long Reef Aquarium - YouTube
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This is my 15 gallon tropical community aquarium with fluorescent light. The tank is a standard 15 gallon "long" (24x12x12) with 1 male cobra guppy, 3 female dwarf sunset platys, and 5 neon tetras. The dwarf platy fry playing in the driftwood is 2 months old.85 Gallon Long Aquarium Diamond Polished Edges Distortion Free Glass Made Of Glass Black Frame Top & Bottom Dimensions/Size: 60"x18"x18" Weight: 115.0 lbs Model AM11085 Aquarium Masters Standard Framed Aquariums are assembled with highest quality...15 Gallon Long Rimless Aquarium
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Eheim 2213 filter
Coralife Power Compact CF Light Fixture 24" doubleThe Tetra 1.5 Gallon LED Desktop Aquarium Kit is absolutely ideal for use in homes and offices or for beginning aquarists! The compact design keeps the small fish tank system easy to manage and maintain. The pedestal base provides a clean, contemporary look that complements any style of décor. At 71/4" long by 81/2" wide, this petite aquarium is perfect as a desktop fish tank in both personal and professional environments. Efficient 3-stage filtration keeps the Tetra 1.5 Gallon LED Desktop Aquarium Kit clean and odor-free for your fish. The Whisper 3i Internal Filter - fitted inside the desktop fish tank - takes easily-replaceable Bio-Bag cartridges. Bio-Bags should be replaced every 4 weeks to ensure the best water quality. Whisper 3i filters use bubbles to keep the water continuously moving, making them ideal for keeping small fish tank inhabitants healthy and safe. The Tetra 1.5 features an overhead LED lighting arm fitted with 8 white .06 watt LEDs. The light system keeps your small fish tank well-lit for your enjoyment. You can easily operate the lights with the convenient on/off switch. A single, low-voltage cable attached at the back of the desktop fish tank powers both the filter and LED light system at the same time. Tetra 1.5 Gallon LED Desktop Aquarium Kit includes: 1.5 gallon aquarium Base and integrated LED lighting system Whisper Filter Whisper Bio-Bag small cartridge Low voltage power adapter Setup guide Gravel, plants, fish and décor are sold separately.