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Common community fish unsuitable for small aquaria

Having looked at some fish that make good choices for small tanks, let’s review some of the most widely traded and popular fish that would make bad choices for small tanks. In most cases sheer size is the issue: most anything above a couple of inches (5 cm) in length is likely to find a small aquarium too confining. Large fish make a lot of mess as well, and that will mean that maintaining good water quality will be much more difficult. Ensuring water chemistry stability will be difficult too. The following are fish that will require a tank at least 30 gallons (115 litres) in size, and in many cases significantly more.
Find the BEST 15 Gallon Aquarium for your aquatic pets! Read along as we go over different Aquarium kits, Acrylic aquariums, and glass fish tanks!
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Since common goldfish are often kept in small, relatively unadorned freshwater tanks, it's natural for many beginning aquarium enthusiasts to try out so-called "fancy" goldfish, a special breed of carp, in their first big tanks. This is usually a mistake. A 15-gallon tank represents your decision to make a significant investment in your aquarium, and fancy goldfish usually aren't a good match. They have special dietary and requirements, they don't easily accommodate other fish, and they can get sick and die quickly, leaving you with an empty tank. Aquariums and Tanks 20755: 15 Gallon Cubey Midsize White Fish Tank All In One Aquarium New By Jbj BUY IT NOW ONLY: $229.99.
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This is a look into my 15 gallon tall aquarium. I grew up in a family that always had tropical fish but it has been many years since I have had any tanks, This is foray into the aquarium life again. I started with a 15 gallon aquarium kit plus a heater. added some feeder fish (White Cloud Mountain Minnows), a couple of pregnant guppies and a trio of albino cory cats. I also have a good start on some plants and I've planted an assortment of aquatic bulbs. I have an outside water trough that some of these guys may be spending the summer in and we will see where this takes me. Hope to update occasionally.This 15 gallon tall aquarium does weigh a pretty hefty 27.7 pounds compared to many of the other smaller tanks out there and measures 13.6 inches by 13.6 inches by 24.8 inches all the way around. The included fluorescent light hood is a full spectrum T5 light for the best lighting capabilities and safety of your fish and to help grow live plants. There’s also a quiet flow power filter and a feeding door at the front of the hood that makes feeding time convenient and quick.A 15 gallon fish tank is a way to balance out between the desktop fish tank that holds a few gallons and the larger fish tanks that can hold entire schools of fish. This is the type of fish tank you give your kids when they want to take up raising some fish and a good option for a fish tank in your living room or common living area in the home. It’s bigger than the desktop but not so big that you need to carve out an entire niche in your house to accommodate this tank.This nifty tank actually comes in two size options in the 15 gallon range, and . Considering how most components for fish tanks tier themselves, the few gallons different doesn’t make too much of a difference but if you want options, you have them with this tank. It’s a nicely shaped cube design and fits well into any décor and furniture arrangement.All Glass Aquarium is a noted name when it comes to tanks for fish and other aquatic pets. The manufacturer has the repute of manufacturing an exclusive range of aquariums. You might be having one at your home. After thorough research, I purchased an All Glass Aquarium AAG10015 Tank Black, 15-Gallon for better display of different fish and aquatic pets. Unlike the acrylic counterparts, glass tanks are sturdy. You will not notice scratches on the surface of the glass aquarium. Even with years of regular use, it will seem to be new. I have assessed few attributes of this aquarium.I wouldn’t recommend a 17-liter tank for a fancy goldfish. If your fantail is still young, you might get a couple months out of it, but eventually you’ll want to purchase at least a 76-liter aquarium (or 20 gallon tank). Your goldfish may even do fine in a 38 or 58-liter tank (10 or 15 gallons) if you simply don’t have the space for a larger aquarium right now, as long as you stay on top of water changes and water testing. Make sure you also have a good filtration system (I personally use power filters in my tanks, but canister filters are also very good). If your filter needs the extra help, you can even attach a sponge filter to the glass – these filters are really good at biological filtration.