15 gallon fish tank with stand and filter

15 gallon fish tank with stand and filter
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If you want a more traditional looking 15 gallon fish tank, then this is the one for you. The SeaClear features a traditional, low profile look and hexagonal shape with 360 degree view for the fish and yourself. It’s a tranquil design that shows of your fish and the decorations inside the tank with some real gusto.
I have read that when considering the number of fish to add a 15 gallon TALL tank is equivalent of a 10 gallon tank. Is this true ?
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Also, I have a divided 15 gallon fish tank. Would I be able to put tank mates in this as well? It's only divided in half, so I would like tank mates for each side! (Might make this into planted tank as well with sand, currently have a Tetra iWhisper filter, going to be a sponge filter soon!) Best 15 Gallon Fish Tanks & Aquarium Kits • Fish Supply Guide
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The SeaClear 15 gallon Hexagon Acrylic Aquarium Junior Executive Kit is perfect for someone who just started to seek an interest in this hobby. The 15-gallon tank is sized at 15x15x20 inches making it fairly small. The aquarium kit comes with power filters, plastic plants for decoration, a fish net, fish food, a water conditioner, and a guide to set the kit up. This product lures seasoned pet owners to check out the product mainly because of the versatility of the economical kit.This is a look into my 15 gallon tall aquarium. I grew up in a family that always had tropical fish but it has been many years since I have had any tanks, This is foray into the aquarium life again. I started with a 15 gallon aquarium kit plus a heater. added some feeder fish (White Cloud Mountain Minnows), a couple of pregnant guppies and a trio of albino cory cats. I also have a good start on some plants and I've planted an assortment of aquatic bulbs. I have an outside water trough that some of these guys may be spending the summer in and we will see where this takes me. Hope to update occasionally.This is my new fish tank. I had a small 5 gallon fish tank as a kid but this 15 gallon tank is my first real "aquascaped" community tank. I will be setting up a 45 gallon Cichlid tank and a 55 gallon Gold Fish tank but I'm happy with how this first attempt turned out!

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Google+ - Since common goldfish are often kept in small, relatively unadorned freshwater tanks, it's natural for many beginning aquarium enthusiasts to try out so-called "fancy" goldfish, a special breed of carp, in their first big tanks. This is usually a mistake. A 15-gallon tank represents your decision to make a significant investment in your aquarium, and fancy goldfish usually aren't a good match. They have special dietary and requirements, they don't easily accommodate other fish, and they can get sick and die quickly, leaving you with an empty tank.Filtration and aeration are two more things to consider when buying a 15 gallon aquarium. This aspect is significant when setting up an aquarium, just as air is an essential element in maintaining the health of the fish and plants inside it. Proper aeration facilitates the appropriate exchange of gas as it creates air bubbles that rose the surface of the water. With this process, oxygen enters the tank and the harmful gasses are eliminated. Filtration also plays an important role in keeping your fish healthy by removing their biological wastes, thus avoiding ammonia buildup in your tank. Through effective filtration, the debris is eliminated and you have perfectly purified water, which is an ideal living environment for your fish.A 15 gallon fish tank is a way to balance out between the desktop fish tank that holds a few gallons and the larger fish tanks that can hold entire schools of fish. This is the type of fish tank you give your kids when they want to take up raising some fish and a good option for a fish tank in your living room or common living area in the home. It’s bigger than the desktop but not so big that you need to carve out an entire niche in your house to accommodate this tank.