Aquarium stand and canopy (Fits 125 gallon Aquarium) Aquarium sold

125 Gallon Tank Stand build and Set-up - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community
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125 gallon Cichlid aquarium
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125 Gallon Tank Stand build and Set-up - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community
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Dead rock is dried out live rock or other suitable rock like Tufa that you can put into the aquarium with some live rock and it will become "live" after some time. I don't know what a good combination of live vs dead rock would be for a 125 gallon. Other people will chime in and let you know how much base "dead" rock you should use with some live rock to seed it with. Aquarium stand and canopy (Fits 125 gallon Aquarium) Aquarium sold
Photo provided by Flickr125 Gallon Tank Stand build and Set-up - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community
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I've had numerous aquariums over the years, big and small, but I've found a six-foot 125 gallon to be my favorite size. It's plenty big for housing lots of livestock, but not so large as to take up too much space in my current house, or require more than a standard 32 gallon trashcan of R.O. water for water changes. Of course, I also prefer reef-ready/drilled tanks with a sump so that the water level in the main tank stays the same regardless of how often I add top-off water to replace what evaporates. So, several years ago I purchased an All-Glass 125 gallon reef-ready tank (72"L x 18"W x 22"H). This tank originally had an overflow box in each corner, but I removed the box at the right end of the tank with a razor blade and closed off the plumbing holes in the bottom pane of glass. It just wasn't necessary, and removing it freed up a significant amount of space. Anyway, here's the list of all the other equipment I'm currently using:I won a 125 gallon aquarium. The aquarium guy huffed when I said I was going to turn it into a goldfish aquarium. I guess he has no respect for the goldies I've loved since childhood. I transferred my goldies from my 55 into it over time and then bought two more. The blue and chocolate orandas are the newest additions. The big red and white Ryunkin was purchased on "clearance" at a chain pet store and has grown into a magnificent specimen. The calico telescope blew her swim bladder almost a year before this video was taken. She still swims a bit and readily eats, so as long as she's not suffering, she'll remain a prized addition to my tank.This is the first video of my 125 gallon aquarium before being set up.
Right now it's just on the floor in my basement. It's going to be a planted community tank with the following plants at first: Crinum, lloydiella, ocelot sword, hygrophilia, rotala indica.

I'm going to be getting some Malaysian drift wood and adding some anubias to it as well.I got the 125 gallon tank itself at Petsmart for 300 bucks. The dimensions of the tank are 72″L x 18″W x 20″H and a filled tank of this size holds 1043 pounds of water. Including the tank itself and the 30 gallon sump tank, this stand had to be able to support over 1500 pounds. So, I massively over-engineered the stand. It could probably hold a couple of 125 gallon tanks the way I built it. Anyway, let’s get into the nitty gritty of building an aquarium stand.I get a lot of questions about how I set up my 125 gallon aquarium shown above, so you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about it here. I’ve broken the process down into parts and this first part will focus on the building of the stand. I regularly post update videos on YouTube, so you should also check those out. A link to my channel is on the menu to the left. I've decided that the 125 is the largest aquarium i'll ever own, as it is a pain in the neck to move, however i've been considering buying a bunch of 55 gallon tanks during the $1 per gallon petco sale and setting up an aquarium system when i have a basement to work with.