395 Gallon Half Cylinder (Houston, Tx.) $3000 ..

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I have an empty 90 gallon corner drilled aquarium for sale. Comes with 30 gallon sump, solid wood cabinet, protein skimmer, heater, pump, plumbing, all sorts of powders and liquids for salt water, water change equipment, etc. Asking $1000 or best offer
Searching for a 1000 gallon aquarium for sale can be time consuming and ultimately disappointing. Well it doesn't have to be anymore!
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End of Your Endless Searches!
Finding a 1000 gallon aquarium for sale can be painfully time consuming and an ultimately disappointing process. saltwater purchase & set up 12/7/14, sold 11/19/16.
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As such, does anyone have good suggestions for chillers for this size (1000 gallons) aquarium? If recommending an air-colled chiller, other than venting the room (which it is), how to you recommend removing the heat? If recommending an outdoor chiller, which ones to you recommend, and how long do they last? Does anyone know of water-cooled chillers out there for sale?