I have 2 hermit crabs in a 10 gallon tank..

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Aside from the other arthropods listed for the five gallon tank, hermit crabs are popular starter pets often kept in 10 gallon aquariums. However, there is much misinformation about them being spread by pet stores that are in the business to make sales and this leads to a high mortality rate in captivity. As far as is concerned, be sure to provide hermit crabs with at least six inches of sand or coconut fiber for burrowing, access to salt water, climbing branches, hiding places, and proper humidity levels. Hermit crabs should also be housed with at least two individuals as they are social animals.
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The very first thing your new pets will need is a 'crabitat.' Acrabitatis where your hermit crabs will spend most of their time, so choose ahomethat is clean and roomy. A 10-gallon glass aquarium can be purchased ata reasonable price and makes an ideal 'starter home' for your crabs. Ifyou are unable to purchase an aquarium, there are other optionsavailable, such as plastic critter carriers. Keep in mind how manycrabs you ultimately plan on housing and how you would like their hometo look. It will help you make up your mind when the time comes todecide on the size of your crabitat. Make sure the cage will hold yourpets, their food and water dishes, extra shells and climbing toys. Youwant a cage large enough to hold all these things and still have spacefor the crabs to roam if they wish. This means that the smallplastic box that you got from a mall kiosk or boardwalk store is not anadequate shelter for any hermit crab. One way to give the crabsroom to wander is to leave an area at the back or front of the crabitatthat is completely clear of obstructions. This way the crab has an"express lane" to run down if s/he needs to get some energy out anddoesn't want to climb. While a plastic critter carrier makes a passabletemporary home or'hospital cage,' it is not recommended as a permanent home. 1 medium size hermit crab per 2 gallons: If you have a 10 gallon aquarium you can hold 5 medium sized crabs
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Photo provided by FlickrGlass or plastic tanks can be used for hermit crabs. A 10 gallon aquarium with a lid (a sliding glass one will work well to contain humidity) is a good choice.
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Glass or plastic tanks can be used for hermit crabs. A 10 gallon aquarium with a lid (a sliding glass one will work well to contain humidity) is a good choice. Plastic tanks with lids are now readily available in a variety of sizes and the larger ones of these can be used the mesh lids (don’t retain humidity well) make them less optimal for long term housing. The small plastic homes with accessories sold as hermit crab kits are too small. These plastic cages make excellent temporary homes or isolation tanks though. As for minimum size there are varied opinions, but a general rule is that the larger the cage or tank, the better. I’d recommend the equivalent of a 10 gallon tank as a good size though, as it allows room for the cage furnishings needed and offers enough space for a few crabs. Despite their name hermits are quite social and are best kept in groups.Since Land Hermit Crabs are from a tropical region, a world full of lush plants, moss, and warm moist substrates such as sand and forest floor dirt, their aquarium should have two basic elements: one side of warm moist hides and lots of plants/moss, and a drier side consisting of sand and rocks with few hides and a large very shallow water dish. For a grouping of 5 or 6 crabs I don’t recommend anything smaller than a 20 gallon tank, but a 40 gallon breeding tank is a perfect size, and could possibly house up to 10 or 15 small crabs. But remember, the bigger they get, the more space they will need. Hermits are also good climbers if given the right climbing material, so I liked to use Choya Wood or large Driftwood. (If using Choya, do not place hollow Choya in the tank, if there’s a place for the crabs to get inside the piece don’t use it. They’ll get stuck…) But other good climbing objects are fake vines (like for snakes), or other heavy dutyHermit Crab Deluxe Wire Cage Kit Medium, Florida Marine Research - Great for taking the crabs to school, to friends house, or on vacation. Allows for afresh air, and a lot more climbing area. The small ones can also be utilized as an exercise toy in the 10 or 20 gallon aquariums10 Gallon Nano Reef Tank by Water Works Aquariums. Few pounds of Live Rock. Mushrooms, Feather duster. Nassarius and Astrea Snails. Scarlet Red and Dwarf Blue Legged Hermit Crabs. Green Spotted Mandarin Dragonet, Orange and Black Ocellaris Clownfish, Blue Damsel and a yellow striped damsel.