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Top Fin, and Seaclear all carry a similar standard 10 gallon glass aquarium.
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Aqua Culture is offering the best starter or replacement fish tank kit of 10 Gallons. This extremely affordable aquarium kit can be set at any table top and the plethora of features and accessories, this kit is coming with, will help any starter or upgrade seeker to provide with the perfect fish keeping experience.The aquarium is made of clear and sturdy glass that has enough capability to hold the water without creating any leakage. The fish tank is really durable and looks classy with the rectangular shape.It can be easily placed on a sturdy table top which can also work as a nice night lamp or you can use a fish tank divider of 10 Gallon and divide your tank for keeping different species.The charcoal filter offered with this aquarium starter kit can be kept submerged in the water or you can use a clamp-on filter. The decision entirely depends on your preference.The filter pumps clear water inside the aquarium while creating little bubbles that gives your aquarium more aesthetic look. It also makes very little noise, so that your fishes do not get traumatized.The LED light is incorporated with the canopy to provide your tank with the perfect illumination. The light is very soothing and has medium brightness.If your aquarium is placed somewhere nice and airy than at the daytime, there is no need of using your LED light. But in case you want brighter illumination in the daytime also, you can opt for a 10 Gallon fish tank light bulb and fix it in the canopy.The starter pack also includes a packet of fish food and a guideline for setting up an aquarium. The detailed guide with step by step picture will help any beginner to understand the entire process of fish keeping adequately.The light is not appropriate for underwater plants to thrive well.The affordable price of this starter kit from Aqua Culture is definitely worth buying for a beginner as well as for a hobbyist who is seeking an upgrade.The features and accessories this pack includes are essential for setting up any aquarium and which is the reason why I will strongly recommend this product to you.
Dimensions · 10 Gal Aquarium Dimensions · Marineland 2 5 Gallon Glass Aquarium · 5.5 Gallon Aquarium · 10 GALLON AQUARIUM GLASS TOP 1000x1000.
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We really like this particular rimless aquarium because it is nice and large. To be exact it can fit 10 gallons of water. It’s pretty wide which makes it ideal for countertops and larger spaces, not to mention larger fish too. Another thing we love about this aquarium is that the glass is very clear, plus extremely strong too. Even mist created via aeration can damage the light, making a glass top essential to using the Deckey light for your 10 gallon aquarium
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Photo provided by FlickrGlass tops provide a protective layer between aquarium and light fixtures ..
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The 10 gallon fish tank is the most popular fish tank on our website. Although there are some variations to the standard 10 gallon aquarium the major brands including Marineland, AGA (Aqueon), Top Fin, and Seaclear all carry a similar standard 10 gallon glass aquarium. This page was made to assist you in finding the right 10 gallon fish tank for you. Included in this page are:DIY built glass aquarium top. Built for Odyssea T5 Dual planted lights. 10 gallon tank running Fluval CO2.

I will be adding the Odyssea T5 HO lights
One of the great things with Deckey lighting is there are no frills or add-ons to worry about. simply plug in the light, put it in place and you're set. That doesn't mean there aren't a few extra bits of info that are helpful to know.

First off the light is not water resistant what so ever. Even mist created via aeration can damage the light, making a glass top essential to using the Deckey light for your 10 gallon aquarium. This is no real issue as glass tops provide a lot of value to aquariums anyways. If however you will not be adding the glass top onto your tank I suggest you look at a different light fixture.

The cord is pretty nice at a solid five foot long. This gives you all the wire you need to hook your light up and set up a drip loop. Remember these loops are important as the prevent electrical fires.

Finally the Deckey light features a simple switch for the white/blue/off settings. Later in your aquarium hobby you may want to add a timer to the light, but for now simply remember to turn the light on and off each day at around the same time. Fish do develop a schedule, and changing that can cause them stress. I'm restarting my 10 gallon riparium ( won't be a riparium anymore) and I'm looking for a glass top. My LFS only sells the Perfecto glass tops and don't have the Hagen ones anymore. My aquarium is Hagen I think since its pretty old. Apparently they won't fit on them properly. I tried to build one with plexi glass but I have limited tools and it caves in and its not very pretty. So I'm looking on the internet and I was wondering if this would be appropriate for a 10 gallon Hagen aquarium :