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Attractive and quality acrylic rectangular aquariums from 10 gallons to 300 gallons
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Clear-For-Life Rectangular Aquarium 10 Gallon Advance Aqua Tanks has been a leading provider of top-of-the-line aquariums since 1986. All of the Clear-for-Life Aquariums are made in the U.S.A. with the highest quality Finest cell cast acrylic, and they guarantee it by offering customers a Lifetime Warranty (see warranty card) from leakage due to manufacturer’s workmanship. Clear-for-Life Acrylic Aquariums come standard with heater holes, filter slots, and light hood. Please note: the heater, filter, and light are not included. Features: Classic rectangle shape. Adds depth while maintaining a small footprint. Designed for freshwater, saltwater, or reef environments. Vivid colors of fish, plants, and marine life are enhanced with acrylic due to its greater luminosity. Acrylic aquariums are 40% brighter, 17% stronger, and 50% lighter than glass aquariums. 10 Gallon 20″L x 10″W x 12″H
10 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium
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An aquarium enthusiast can avail numerous types of fish tanks from the market but not all of them are equally suitable for everyone. So, let’s have a look at the benefits that you will get from one of the 5 gallon fish tanks.While opting for a big aquarium, like that of 10 or 20 gallons to pet fishes, it is troublesome for any first timer to handle all those dedicated work skillfully.That is why it is always recommended to start with a 5 gallon fish tank starter kit in order to fix all your errors and gain enough experience to move on to the next upgrade.The 5 gallon tank set is among the cheap aquarium kits available in the market. This kit has all the required equipment that you may need to set up an aquarium, however, you must buy the available in the market to ensure quality. Those who have a limited space, yet want to have an aquarium, 5 gal tank is definitely the best choice for them.After you have gained enough experience and want to go for a big aquarium, you can easily sell this small one and try for the new tank.A five gallon fish tank is the best-suited gift for any person as it will not eat up space or need extensive care. Other than that, these tanks are budget-friendly and the acrylic made tanks are easy to carry also.The best 5 gallon fish tank set that you can avail from the market at an affordable price is the Fluval Spec V aquarium kit which has the perfect combination of all the required equipment that a starter may need for his fish keeping hobby.Features: 10 gallon acrylic aquarium with overflow | Saltwaterfish Forum
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10 Gal. Hand Made Aquarium. This TRUVU 10 gallon cell cast acrylic hand made aquarium rocks! It has features normally found only in much larger aquariums! With it's cell cast construction that is 17 times more impact resistant than glass, and rounded front corners, this aquarium screams quality! Most acrylic aquariums of this size are not made of cell cast acrylic, but instead are made of cheaper acrylic materials.Instructions how to build this tank available!! See below. 10 gallon tank expansion into a 16.5 Gallon with a tank kit from , Pump system keeps the water level maintained. This tank flips upside down to work as an aquarium or terrarium also. In ten minutes can be changed to aquarium or tank expander. Perfect for a micro coral reef tank. Perfectly clear acrylic. See how to build this tank in my other video's.

Cheap DIY vacuum pumps and alternative fill methods:
Cheap and easy way to fill the All-in-One acrylic fish tank with "lili-pad" floater. DIY aquarium air pump converted to a mini vacuum pump. Air "lilli-pad" floater makes it easy to top off or drain. Just put the tube with floater in the tank and blow through the tube to clear any water, it will immediately drain without a "one-way" valve. Connecting the vacuum pump removes air and fills with water.

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You don’t have to confine yourself to a rectangular 10 gallon aquarium, either. You can get them in a hexagon shape, with a bow front which is quite attractive and even round. They come in acrylic or glass. With an attractive stand, a pleasing color variation of fish and a nice background your aquarium will be a real showpiece!For those who are into geometric shapes and who loves to see sharp corners and elegant lines in a fish tank, we strongly recommend getting the API Semi-Hex kit. What’s superb about the Semi-hex is that, despite its being half hexagon in shape, there are no unsightly silicone seams that will obstruct your view of the marine animals living inside the high-grade acrylic tank. The different facets of the semi-hex can provide you with a superb view of the aquatic ecosystem. The canopy has built-in LED lighting compete with 7 mood colors to give your aquarium a slightly different look every time. Some of the owners we’ve encountered light their fish tank with a different color for each day of the week while others prefer to cycle through the different colors every 3 to 4 hours. The canopy also comes with a feeding port so there is no need to remove the cover and stick your hand into the water as doing so can adversely affect the chemical and temperature balance of the water. The Semi-Hex already comes with a SuperClean 10 power filter rated at a flow rate of 45 gallons per hour. The Bio-ChemZorb 10 cartridges for the filtration system helps maintain the correct water parameters to ensure optimum health for your aquatic friends.